About Us.

We are the little tea company with a big heart. We believe a good cup of tea should be a constant companion in life, bringing peace, calm, and pleasure one cup at a time. Our founder is a self-confessed devotee of tea! Being raised in the UK, putting the kettle on is a way of life. In good times, bad times, celebrations, sad farewells, time with friends, and time alone, it's the first thing we do. As a yoga instructor and runner, Tanya learned tea was not just a drink but a healer with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and as a mood enhancer that brought focus, peace, and calm. As she puts it, the shared stories around a good cup of tea have captured my heart. I realised it was more than just a drink; it was a part of life itself. I want to share this with the world, one sip at a time..




What's the perfect way to steep tea?

Not all teas are the same and techniques will vary. Here are a few good tips to get you started.

Fresh water brews the best cup, we recommend filtered or spring water.

For Black, Oolong, Red & Herb bring the water to a rolling boil and steep for 3-6 mins depending on your preference.

Green and White leaves are a little more delicate so remove the kettle just before boiling, shorthen the steep time to 1-3 mins to avoid bitterness.

Sit back, sip and enjoy.

How long does it stay fresh, how do I store it?

For maximum freshness fruit tea should be consumed within 6 months of purchase, 12 months for all other tea.

Store tea in an airtight container preferably in a cool, dark location.

How do I make Ice Tea?

Use double the amount of tea and half the amount of water. Steep for 5-10 mins.

Add ice and cold water, garnish and sweeten to taste.

What is your shipping policy?

We offer free shiping on orders over $45.00 CAD.

Free delivery on orders located in Toronto postal area codes begining with M5, M6, M8 & M9

What is your retrun policy?

Due to the nature of the product we are unable to accept returns. However, if you are not satisfied please contact us and will do our best to make things right.