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Lilypad Tea

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

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Our Cherry Pie is actually not a tea; it's a tisane, which is an infusion of herbs. We have blended the ancient herb Ashwagandha with a rich combination of dried fruit pieces, leaves, and flower petals.

This centuries-old wonder herb is known to relieve stress, support heart health, sharpen focus, lower fat, and increase muscle.

Finally, we added 100% all-natural flavouring for a gentle layer of sweet cherry.

All the health benefits and taste you crave in one little cup of yum!


A flavorful cup of harmony!



Apple pieces, Strawberry leaves, Ashwagandha root, Elderflower petals, Cranberry pieces, Cornflower petals, Natural flavors (Organic compliant)

Caffeine Level



AMOUNT: 1 heaped tsp per 7-9oz

MILD 2-3 min
MEDIUM 4-5 min
STRONG 6-7 min

Milk and sugar optional

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