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Lilypad Tea

TEA-GETHER * We empower

TEA-GETHER * We empower

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This light and lively tea has a beautiful flavour and comes from one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka.

We at Lilypad Tea have partnered with THE CIRLCE NGO, an organisation founded by musician and activist Annie Lennox in 2008 to fight for equal pay and equal rights for women in every country, to empower women to change their communities for the better, and to provide practical support to thousands of women and girls around the world facing abuse, exploitation, and injustice in their daily lives.

Profits from this tea will go to fund the Women’s Centre Sri Lanka, a  project that empowers women and girls working in the garment sector in Sri Lanka. Together, we will help women speak up against the violence and abuse they experience.  
Funds will help provide counselling and education for young women and girls working in the garment sector who have been victims of gender-based violence.

Help us to empower



Luxury Sri Lanka Black Tea

Caffeine Level



Amount: 1 heaped tsp per 7-9oz
Water Temp: 100ºC/212ºF

MILD 2-3 min
MEDIUM 4-5 min
STRONG 6-7 min

Optional milk, sugar, lemon or honey to taste

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